Meeting venue in Koli

Koli Nature Center Ukko offers a stunning and inspiring environment for hosting your company's next meeting!

Located in the heart of Koli National Park, next to the beloved national landscape, Koli Nature Center Ukko is in a unique location. This beautiful natural setting creates an impressive and peaceful atmosphere for meetings, providing the perfect combination of nature and modern facilities that help make your meeting a success.

Ukko's meeting facilities include the 200-person Vaarasali auditorium, suitable for various meetings, conferences, and concerts. Additionally, we have a smaller multi-purpose room called Kaski.

In our facilities, you can use high-quality sound and video equipment to make presentations shine in the best possible way.

You can also order catering for your event. We offer a full-day meeting package called Koli or a half-day meeting package called Pielinen. In addition to the rental fee, the packages include refreshments, lunch, meeting technology, and guidance on the use of media equipment.

There are many recreational opportunities in and around Ukko throughout the year. We organize interesting guided tours for groups on various themes, both indoors and outdoors. Ask us for more information, and we'll create the perfect package tailored to your needs!

Holding a meeting at Koli Nature Center Ukko is a great way to create an unforgettable experience and an inspiring environment for your next meeting. The location offers the perfect combination of beautiful nature, functional technology and facilities, and relaxing recreational opportunities. Come experience Koli Nature Center Ukko and book your meeting today!