"Hello and welcome to the Koli Nature Center Ukko! If you are looking for the perfect place for a meeting or any other group event, you have come to the right address.

Our facilities are located near the most famous viewpoints in Koli. When you gather in the beloved landscapes of Koli, you not only get joy and inspiration from the surrounding beauty but also benefit from the refreshing and relaxing effects of nature. We can even take you to admire the national landscape in the middle of your meeting day!

At Koli Nature Center Ukko, we have various room options to suit every need. The Kaski room is ideal for about 25 people and focuses on focused work, while for larger groups, we have a spacious auditorium for up to 200 people. If your group is compact and you're interested in the possibility of gathering by a live fire with the smell of coffee brewed over an open flame, ask us how we can make that happen. Reserve a space preliminarily and without commitment directly through our online store, and let our staff help you find additional services that are perfect for your group.

Our basic packages are comprehensive and include everything you need for a successful meeting day: room rental, meals, coffee and tea service, as well as Wi-Fi access and guidance on using media equipment. You can also book activities like a nature hike, a gourmet moment, or a meditative relaxation session in nature alongside your meeting day. These experiences are not only rewarding and refreshing but also enhance the well-being and camaraderie of your group."

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In the landscapes of Koli, every meeting is a special event!