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Services at Ukko

  • Information on local tourism destinations in the regions of Vaara-Karjala and Koli. In addition to the Koli National Park and Herajärven kierros Trail, we provide advice on hiking opportunities in the Tiilikkajärvi, Patvinsuo and Petkeljärvi National Parks and the Ruunaa Hiking Area

  • Souvenir and Outdoor Shop, we have a variety of items available for purchase, including maps, books, and games related to nature and culture. You can also find posters, postcards, and products made by local artisans from the region.

    We offer Koli t-shirts as well as cloth patches, magnets, and pins representing national parks. These items make great souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

  • In our outdoor gear corner, we have a limited selection of hiking equipment and insect repellents available for sale, perfect for summer hikes and adventures.

    For both the winter season and summer excursions in Koli, we offer rental equipment related to outdoor activities. For more information, please check out our Rental Equipment section in Ukon's store.

  • Guided tours and outdoor activities in Koli area

  • Guided exhibition tours

  • Conference facilities and catering for conferences

  • Hiking advice free of charge.

  • Information on local tourism services: Programme organisers and hiking equipment rental, hotel and restaurant services, accommodation in holiday cabins, Koli village shop and taxi services.

  • WIFI accessible to visitors.

Eväsretket café
Kahvila Eväsretket
+358 44010 1143

At the cafe, you can buy snacks for your trip; sandwiches, sausages, a thermos of coffee or you can take a snack break at our premises. You can also inquire about food delivery or catering services, for example, to your cottage.

We prefer products from small producers and our offerings vary based on seasonal natural ingredients. During peak seasons, we also offer lunch, organize themed days and occasionally prepare food outside on the cafe terrace.

Accessible Services

  • All areas of the Koli Nature Centre Ukko are accessible for wheelchair users. An accessible toilet is located in the building, there are ramps to the exhibitions and lift access to the auditorium and meeting facilities. The auditorium and café can accommodate several wheelchairs at a time.

  • Wheelchairs can be accommodated in the railcar for access from the parking areas to Yläpiha courtyard. You can find two accessible parking spaces from Yläpiha courtyard, which is otherwise off limits for cars. On of the accessible parking spaces is 310 cm wide and the other is 370 cm wide.

  • A special viewing platform for visitors with mobility difficulties is located close to the Ukko-Koli lookout point, which is accessible along a wide path.

  • The auditorium is equipped with an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

Additional services (free of charge)

Reading corner
Small play corner for kids
Art exhibition on 2nd floor