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Would you like to try ice skating but don't have the right equipment? Now you can rent an ice skating set from Koli Nature Center Ukko and head out to try ice skating, perhaps on the ice road next to Lake Pielinen in Koli!

A cross-country ice skating trail will be created next to the Vuonislahti-Koli ice road, weather permitting. The trail runs between Merilänranta in Koli and Vuonislahti, with a length of seven kilometers one way. The trail is open as long as the ice road is open to traffic and weather conditions permit. The trail is intended for ice skaters, kick sledders, and pedestrians. Directions to Merilänranta: Drive about six kilometers from Koli village towards Loma-Koli, then turn right to Merilänranta, the address is Hiekkaniementie 12, Koli. NOTE: For your safety, we do not recommend cross-country ice skating on natural ice elsewhere than on ice skating trail without proper cross-country ice skating safety equipment.

In Koli, you can also skate at the Koli Euron Areena ice rink near Koli village (Koli Sports Field, Ylä-Kolintie 10).

The rental price includes sturdy leather boots, skate blades that fit the boots, and ice picks. If desired, you can also rent poles separately.

Consider whether you want to bring any of the following with you: a water bottle or hot drink, snacks, knee and elbow guards, a seat pad for breaks, sunglasses and sunscreen for your face, a camera, mobile phone, and a jacket for break.

Please consider the weather conditions for dressing when planning your ice skating trip - the wind can significantly increase the cold. It may be much colder on the ice road in the middle of Lake Pielinen than at the starting point. Also, note that with a tailwind, your journey will progress quickly, but the return journey into the headwind can be more challenging.

Equipment Pickup 

Koli Nature Center Ukko, Ylä-kolintie 39, 83960 Koli. Remember to bring your identification!

You can rent the skates for just a few hours, for a day, or for several days. You can choose the hourly rental start time from the drop-down menu. The daily rental period starts at 10:00 AM on the rental day and ends at 12:00 PM on the return day.


Return the rental equipment to Koli Nature Center Ukko in good condition before 5:00 PM.

Please return the rental equipment by the end of the rental period so that the next skater can experience the magic of winter!

Ensure your access to winter adventures and book your rental equipment in advance!