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Relax in a hammock - a walking trip to a traditional farm including a hammock rest break.
€140.00 / 3 h
Price includes 2 persons.Extras:
  • Osallistujat€70.00


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Relax in a hammock - a walking trip to a traditional farm including a hammock rest break.

On this trip, you will experience it all; outdoor activities, sports, relaxation in nature, and a tasty coffee break! Starting from the nature center, we'll hike along the village trail to Mattila Farm, passing through a diverse forest and cultural landscape. Along the way, you'll see the culturally significant environments of Turula and Ollila, slash-and-burn traditions, and you might even meet the grazing animals that help maintain the traditional landscape. At our destination, everyone will learn how to set up a hammock between two trees, and then the best part of the trip awaits: resting in the hammock. With a relaxed state of mind, we'll enjoy coffee and sweet pastries surrounded by the old barn's stone foundation. The return journey uphill to the nature center will provide a good athletic end to the trip!

The route to Mattila Farm goes downhill on the way there and uphill on the return journey. The route is easy to traverse, and the journey there is physically easy. The return journey uphill requires good basic fitness.

Duration: 3 hours
Capacity: 1-10 people
Languages: Finnish, English
Departure and return: Koli Nature Center Ukko
Price: 70€ per person. Minimum booking of 2 people.
Available Spring, Summer, Autumn 2023-2024
Equipment provided by the organizer: Hammocks with equipment. Cups for coffee breaks, percolator coffee, tea, and pastry.
Participant's own equipment: Weather-appropriate clothing, warm clothing to avoid getting cold while resting in the hammock. Water.
Equipment available for rent from the organizer: Rain ponchos in case of rain.