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Silent Meditative Nature Walk and Hammock Relaxation Moment at Kolin Keidas.
€300.00 / 3 h
Price includes 5 persons. Extras:
  • Osallistujat€40.00


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Silent Meditative Nature Walk and Hammock Relaxation Moment at Kolin Keidas.

Silence is a rare luxury and a powerful tool in today's world. On this journey, we will practice a simple walking meditation technique, followed by a silent nature walk without mobile phones. No previous meditation experience is required, as the technique is easy and straightforward.

The expedition begins with a calming walking meditation to quiet the mind. We will then proceed at a gentle pace, enjoying the beauty of Koli's nature. Along the way, we will pass by traditional yards, meadows, and birch forests, where you may encounter grazing animals that help maintain the traditional landscape. Without the need for conversation or listening to speech, participants can fully immerse themselves in the enjoyment of nature.

After the peaceful walking excursion, the highlight of the trip awaits you: resting in a hammock. In the hammock, you can take a nap or simply indulge in the melodies of birdsong and the whispering of the wind through the birch trees. We will conclude the journey by sharing our experiences of silence for a brief moment.

After the tranquil silent walk and half an hour of relaxation in the hammock, you will feel serene and energized.

Duration: 2 hours
Distance: Approximately 1.5 km
Price: €300 for 1-5 people + €40 per additional person
Group Size: 1-11 participants Availability: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Languages: Finnish, English, and French
Departure and Return: Mattila Farm, Kolin Keidas
Difficulty Level: The excursion is moderately challenging; the trails are mostly wide, gravelled, and relatively easy to navigate, but there are significant changes in elevation. The pace of movement is relaxed.

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing according to the weather and suitable footwear.

The price includes the guide's services and liability insurance for the event. The program is organized by Retkipaikan Guides.

The services provided include all the mentioned equipment for the participants. Prices include the applicable value-added tax.

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