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Fly and glide for hot cocoa - Gliding snowshoeing expedition to a National Park
195,00 € / 3 h
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Koli Nature Centre Ukko [email protected] +358407732442 Y-tunnus: 2398869-9 Kauppiaan ehdot

Fly and glide for hot cocoa - Gliding snowshoeing expedition to a National Park

Welcome to experience a diverse winter adventure in the national park! We will fly down to Lake Pielinen on a ski lift, from where our journey continues gliding snowshoeing to the national park island. Feel how effortlessly the gliding snowshoes carry you through the snowy landscape. There's no need for established ski tracks; we can choose our route. At the destination, a relaxing hot cocoa break awaits, allowing you to savor the tranquility of winter and nature. 

This excursion does not require prior gliding snowshoeing experience, so everyone can participate and experience the magic of winter amid the stunning landscapes of Koli. Don't miss out on this adventure that combines the joy of physical activity and the serenity of winter. 

During the trip, you'll have the opportunity to try gliding snowshoeing with ease, under the guidance of our expert. We'll mainly ski on the smooth terrain of Lake Pielinen, so the trip is not physically demanding. However, the ski lift part of the trip may be uncomfortable for those with a fear of heights. The chairlift seats two side by side and does not have a weather cover. 

Please note that the excursion is weather-dependent. In case conditions are not suitable for safe gliding snowshoeing or if there is insufficient snow cover, we will not proceed with the gliding snowshoeing activity.

Duration: 3,5 hours
Capacity: 1-11 person
Availability: December - April, weather permitting 
Languages: finnish, english
Departure and return: Koli Nature Centre Ukko
Price: 1-3 people: € 195. Additional persons: € 65.00/person

Note! Due to the level of difficulty, this excursion is suitable for middle school students and older!

Equipment Provided by the Organizer:
Gliding snowshoes, poles, and a sitting pad, hot drink and cups and lift tickets
Participant’s own equipment:
Appropriate clothing for the weather, warm and flexible-soled shoes suitable for  gliding snowshoeing, additional clothing for breaks. Drinks and food.

Equipment’s available for rent:

High winter boots, beanies, gloves, light winter overalls